In a Special Exhibition for Shepard Fairey during Art Wynwood

Selected to participate in an Exhibition honoring Shepard Fairey —

I’m excited to annonce that I was selected to be part of a special exhibition in honor of Shepard Fairey.  Also known as Obey Giant, Shepard Fairey is a well-known street artist, activist, and illustrator, who became extremely popular during the 2008 U.S. presidential election for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster. This February, he will be awarded the Art Wynwood Tony Goldman Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award 2017, in Downtown Miami.

To celebrate this achievement, an exhibition will be held. This exhibition is curated by Grela Orihuela, the Art Wynwood Contemporary Art Fair’s Director. She selected the work of about eight artists among all the artists represented at the Art Wynwood Fair (close to 500 hundred international artists – imagine!), to be exhibited beside an iconic work of Shepard Fairey – Black Gold. Beside Shepard Fairey, there will be Tim Bessell x Andy Warhol, David Ramirez Gomez, Craig Alan and Maria Grondona.  Two of my paintings were selected for the exhibition. It is such an honor to have my work selected by a curator of Mrs. Orihuela’s experience and shown beside such great artists!

The two paintings are  “Ghost of a woman” and “Ce n’est pas où j’allais” (It’s not where I was going) are to be hung in Downtown Miami during the Fair’s duration.

CE N'EST PAS OÙ J'ALLAIS | 61 cm x 61 cm - 24" x 24" | Mixed media on canvas
Artêria Gallery | CE N’EST PAS OÙ J’ALLAIS | 61 cm x 61 cm – 24″ x 24″ | Mixed media on canvas
GHOST OF A WOMAN | 71cm x 51cm - 28"x20" | Mixed media on canvas
Artêria Gallery | GHOST OF A WOMAN | 71cm x 51cm – 28″x20″ | Mixed media on canvas









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