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Sylvie Adams’ works pictured in Montreal’s newspaper The Gazette

An alternative way to get art into peoples’ lifes

Today Kristian Gravenor, special correspondent to The Gazette has written a very good article about me and ArtAnywhere in the front page of the Business section. ArtAnywhere is an innovative art sales company that uses the Web to empower artists to sell directly to buyers interested in original local art. I have been with ArtAnywhere for a few months and I have had a great success in selling my pieces.

In the picture illustrating the article, you can see Julian Haber and Raymond Luk, co-founders of ArtAnywhere and two of my paintings in the background: “Mamma Blue” and “Big Mamma Blue”. Kristian Gravenor also mentions my painting “Dans la fournaise” as being voted favorite by workers at Rio Tinto Alcan and bought by the company for their Permanent Art Collection.

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