Ghost of a Woman (Que reste-t-il de moi?)

Fleeting memories

The titles in my paintings are often reflective of my own subjective world and emotions. In choosing the title for this painting, “Ghost of a Woman (Que reste-il de moi?)”, I was influenced by the qualities of the painting, reflecting fleeting elements of femininity and a haunting reminiscence of a woman. It also made me think of what is left of ourselves when something happens to you. What is the essence of who you are? What traces would be left, what would change and what would remain? This painting also made me think on memories, what they are, how they are stored in our mind, sometimes forgotten for good, other times brought back suddenly by a word, a sight, a smell.

In creating my paintings, I try to bring a depth of perception and a sense of space that will evoke in the viewers experiencing my art, not only emotions, but a translation of their own interior life.  Often, this interior landscape suggested in the viewer by the painting, will bring forth a reference, and the viewer will “see” a reflection of his life in the painting that is unique to his own experience. For me, I was seeing a pale reflection of a memory, a ghost of something ethereal and fragile, what was once but is no more.



GHOST OF A WOMAN | 71cm x 51cm - 28"x20" | Mixed media on canvas

Mixed media on canvas
71 cm x 51 cm – 28″x20″


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