Clashing Worlds

Will democracy win?

This post has been in a draft form for the longest time.  I usually post my paintings when they are varnished, in case that this step, which is particularly delicate, totally ruins the painting and forces me to destroy it. The last two remaining paintings in the “Horizons” series have stayed in my studio for ages before I started them. So, without further procrastination, here is “Clashing Worlds”.

My art and my process are not by essence trying to portray figurative elements.  But sometime, in building up color and in the layers’ complexity, chance brings you a tantalizing glimpse of a form  that suggests a specific reference.  In this case it is quite ironic that this painting was started when the Jasmine Revolution took place early this year.  It seems that I was strongly influenced by those events – to me, this painting suggest an image of Europe and Africa, with clashing ideas and values from which hopefully will rise democracy…



CLASHING WORLDS | 122cm x 61cm - 48"x24" | Mixed media on canvas

Mixed media on canvas
122 cm x 61 cm – 48″x24″


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