Artwork sold to Rio Tinto Alcan

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Rio Tinto Alcan’s Permanent Art Collection

I am very pleased to announce that my painting “Dans la fournaise” has been bought by Rio Tinto Alcan and will become part of their Permanent Art Collection.

I’ve joined ArtAnywhere in the fall of 2010, and never regretted the move. Julian Haber and Raymond Luk have worked tremendously hard to make this concept successful and to help us, artists, with the hard tasks of marketing, showing and ultimately sell our work. Their professionalism has given me numerous opportunities to show my work in corporate offices in Montreal and to become part of the prestigious Rio Tinto Alcan Permanent Art Collection.



DANS LA FOURNAISE | 76cm X 152cm - 30

Mixed media on canvas
76cm x 152cm – 30″x60″