Letting go…

This painting is the namesake of the series “Horizons”.  It got its name not only for its colors and for its forms, but also from its horizontal energy and movement.  To me, its like clouds moving on the horizon, chased by the wind.

This was actually a very hard painting to do.  I must have worked on it for the best part of two months before I was satisfied with the results.  I have stopped counting the layers of paintings on this one…  As usual when this happens, it’s because I had started painting with a fixed idea in my head.  I had this image in my mind, and was aiming at it with gusto.  And I ended up fighting with the painting every step of the way.

It seems paradoxical, and a funny thing with my process, that I have to let myself open to what the painting has to say, and what it tries to become.  And this is probably for me the hardest thing to do…  If I try to direct this process, it usually does not give good results.  Only when I stop wanting the painting to become like the picture I have in my head, that it becomes interesting.  And that means letting chance be a big part of the process.



HORIZON | 91cm x 122cm - 36"x48" | Mixed media on wood

Mixed media on wood
91 cm x 122 cm – 36″x48″


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