Exhibition at Rio Tinto Alcan

Animating the offices of Rio Tinto Alcan in Montreal

Atrium of Rio Tinto Alcan
Encouraging local artists

In renewing with its long tradition of encouraging contemporary art and the local artists of Montreal, Rio Tinto Alcan, a worldwide Canadian mining company and aluminum manufacturer is hosting an art exhibition in the Atrium of its  Corporate offices headquartered in the Alcan House Complex in downtown Montreal.

Rio Tinto Alcan was founded in 1902 as the Northern Aluminum Company, and was renamed many times throughout the years to become Alcan in 2001. During that time, it grew to become one of the world’s largest aluminum manufacturers. Alcan was purchased by Australian/European multinational Rio Tinto in 2007, becoming Rio Tinto Alcan.

An interesting note to those of you who like architecture is that the Alcan House Complex, in the Golden Square Mile district – one with some of the most beautiful historical mansions in the city – was a significant step in the battle to preserve the architectural heritage of that district. Completed in 1983, the Complex integrated an 8-storey new aluminium and glass construction behind three 19-century greystone houses and a 1920 hotel. The renovation and restoration of these buildings in conjunction with new architecture marked a turning point in the preservation of historic properties. It was the first time a major corporation based in Montreal had sought to preserve historic properties as part of a new headquarters. The Complex was designed by the Montreal-based architectural firm of Arcop, with Ray Affleck as lead architect with Peter Rose and Peter Lanken on the interior planning and design.

The Art Exhibition is hosted in the public Atrium of Alcan House. Based on the related theme of aluminium, the show’s aim was to bring contemporary art to animate spaces and introduce talented local artists to employees. Twelve paintings among more that a hundred submissions were selected to be part of this exhibition organized by ArtAnywhere.

My painting Dans la fournaise was selected for the show.

From October 7th to December 23rd 2010 in the Atrium of Alcan House

Public Atrium of Rio Tinto Alcan’s building, 1188 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, QC, H3A 3G2
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